One of my favorite services is doing equine or horse photography.  Capturing these majestic animals doing what they do is something that I thoroughly enjoy.  Each horse has its own personality being able to freeze their personality in time for its owner is special to me.

I provide personal sessions for owners and their horses at a session by session basis. With or without the owner in the images.  Whether the session is for marketing, animals for sale, personal portfolio or just for fun, I will be excited to help you out. My rate is per horse.  If you have multiple horses that you would like to have your session with please let me know and we can work out a great rate for you.

Horse events:  I will provide my services for your event at an hourly rate and will include unlimited, edited images. Basically, the longer the event, the more images you will have. Low resolution(resized for web) and high resolution images will be provided with full rights to the images.  I reserve rights for my own marketing/portfolio use.